Agile Dragonfly is about sharing advice and perspectives from my personal and professional life with the hope of helping others. I promise you’ll get my authentic self on these pages.

What does the name, Agile Dragonfly, mean?

Agility is moving quickly and easily; being adaptable. Putting the focus on incremental progress, while adjusting as you learn more. This is a good reminder for how to approach life and work.
Dragonflies are agile. They can fly straight up and down, backwards, stop and hover,
and make hairpin turns at full speed. I see dragonflies everywhere (they land on my hand, on my flip-flops at the beach, fly past my car and hang out on my deck). They are a symbol of self realization, change and deeper meaning in life.
I look forward to sharing with you,
A dragonfly on my porch railing